Thursday September 9, 2021

  • Markets continue to slip lower as we approach tomorrows USDA report 
  • OOPS! – in a slip up yesterday the USDA released the acres that will be used in tomorrows report 
    • The FSA reported 91.2 million acres of corn – up from Augusts 90.3 million acres, they also reported soybean acres up by almost a million acres to 86.2 million acres 
  • Expecting to see an increase in production in both corn and soybean in tomorrows report – now we know part of that increase will be due to increased acres and now we wait to see if they will increase yields as is expected – because of these production increases it is expected to see a rise in 2021/22 carry-out 
  • Stats Can released an update of wheat stocks as of July 31 at 5.705 million MT – up 3.7% from 2020