We provide several choices of soft red winter wheat, soft white winter wheat and hard red winter wheat varieties that are Ontario market leaders.

Although yield potential is important when choosing a variety, there are several other characteristics to consider including: reaction to fusarium head blight, winter survival, plant height, response to fungicides and straw production. Snobelen Farms has carefully selected winter wheat varieties that will fit your circumstances.

Soft Red Winter Wheat


  • Highest yielding wheat variety in Area II
  • Responds to intensive management
  • Excellent winter survival scores
  • Awnless, early maturity


  • Highest yield variety in Area I
  • Responds very well to intensive management
  • Tall plant height, good straw producer with above average stability
  • Awned


  • Moderately resistant to fusarium
  • Excellent standability
  • Short straw, excellent standability
  • Large plump kernel


  • Consistently high yielding potential
  • Yield stable across environments and multiple years
  • Early heading, early maturity variety
  • Awnless, superior harvestability

Soft White Winter Wheat


  • Excellent yielding variety, well suited for Area II
  • Noted for being sprout resistant compared to other varieties
  • Highest rating for fusarium head blight resistance
  • Awnless, sound agronomics

Hard Red Winter Wheat

AC Morley

  • Consistent, stable yields across environments
  • Very good agronomic package
  • Excellent straw producer
  • Good protein levels

VarietiesBransonMarkerB654SRWDS572SRWAva (SWW)AC Morley (HRW)
Combined Fusarium RatingSMRSSMRMS
Approximate number of seeds/lb12,40014,00010,9009,75012,00011,900
Winter SurvivalGGVGGVGAA
Heading Date157159159160161162
Maturity Date195199195201202196
Powdery MildewFVGFVGFVG

Fusarium Data: MR = Moderately Resistant, MS = Moderately Susceptible, S = Susceptible, HS = Highly Susceptible
Combined Fusarium Ratings are based on both Fusarium head blight ratings and deoxynivalenol (DON) levels from inoculated provincial trials (OCCC 2018 trails table 5a, 5b, 5c)
Lodging, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Rush & Stripe Rush, Winter Survival: VG = Very Good, G = Good, F = Fair
Test Weight: AA = Above Average, A = Average, BA = Below Average
Heading Date: # of days from January 1 when 75% of heads are at Zodok 59
Maturity Date: # of days from January 1 when 75% of peduncles have changed colour