Snobelen Farms sources superior soybean genetics that are high performing and well adapted for both technology traited and food grade markets.

We source high yielding food grade and technology traited soybean varieties well adapted for various maturities and soil types.

Our knowledgeable staff and experienced agronomists will help select varieties that work best for our farmers, retail distributors and end-use partners. Our state-of-the-art seed processing facilities enables us to deliver high-quality certified seed, convenient packaging options and seed treatment choices to meet your needs.

Food Grade

Yellow Hilum

OAC Strive

  • Impressive emergence and early season growth
  • Semi-bushy, above average reaction to white mould
  • Ideally suited for 7” to 15” rows
  • Good on all soil types

OAC Lakeview

  • High yielding, stable performance across most environments
  • Medium plant height, works well on 7” to 15” rows
  • Excellent tolerance to Phytophthora root rot
  • Performs well on most soil types, consistent

OAC Kamran

  • SCN Resistant
  • Excellent lodging score
  • Short to medium plant stature

OAC Malory

  • SCN Resistant
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Excellent field appearance


  • New for 2024
  • SCN Resistant
  • Good tolerance to sudden death syndrome
  • Suited for all soil types
  • Narrow canopy with medium plant height

OAC Union

  • New for 2024
  • SCN Resistant
  • Strong yield potential
  • Suited for all soil types
  • Medium tall plant suited for narrow rows

OAC Bruton

  • SCN Resistant
  • Phytophthora root rot resistant
  • Tall plant height, yet stands very well
  • Well suited for clay soils

VarietiesOAC StriveOAC LakeviewOAC KamranOAC MaloryInwoodOAC Union OAC Bruton
CHU Rating2650270027252800287528752975
Maturity Group0.
Hilum ColourImperfect YellowYellowImperfect Yellow YellowImperfect YellowYellowYellow
Plant HeightMediumMediumMediumMedium Medium-TallMediumMedium
Plant Canopy TypeNarrowIntermediateNarrowIntermediateNarrowNarrow-IntermediateIntermediate
Row Width Recommendation7″ – 15″7″ – 15″7″ – 15″7″ – 30″7″ – 30″7″ – 15″7″ – 30″
Soil Type RecommendationAllAllAllAllAllAllClay
Protein (%)44.039.942.
White Mould RatingAbove AverageAverageAverageAbove AverageAverageAverageAverage
Seed Size (Seeds/lb)2218254722002218N/A2,2221702

Food Grade

Dark Hilum

OAC Wallace

  • Maturity = 2750 CHU, Group 0.7
  • Hilum Colour Brown
  • High yielding variety in both well drained and challenging field conditions
  • Performs well in both conventional and no-till cropping systems

VarietiesOAC Wallace
CHU Rating0.2750
Maturity Group0.7
Hilum ColourBrown
Plant HeightMedium-Tall
Plant Canopy TypeIntermediate
Row Width Recommendation7″ – 15″
Soil Type RecommendationAll
Protein (%)38.2
White Mould RatingAbove Average
Seed Size (Seeds/lb)2458

Technology Traited

Mahony R2

  • Aggressive high yielding early variety
  • Medium height
  • Bushy plant type

Triquet R2X

  • Strong yields for maturity
  • Above average white mould rating
  • Medium tall variety

Mason XF

  • SCN Resistant
  • Bushy tall variety
  • Suited for no-till and clay soils
  • Good disease package

Ramage XF

  • SCN Resistant
  • XtendFlex technology providing multiple modes of action
  • Excels in low to mid yielding environments
  • Great podding height
  • Great Phytophthota root rot rating

Savage R2X

  • SCN resistance
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Strong performer in drought situations

Altitude R2

  • Top yielding potential
  • Stable yield/performance across most environments
  • Good podding height and little pod shatter

Orr R2X

  • SCN resistance
  • Good white mould rating
  • Moderate field tolerance to Phytophthora root rot

Ridley XF

  • SCN resistance
  • Versatile performer on different soil types
  • Medium plant height with bushy canopy
  • Suited for all row widths

Harvey E3

  • Intermediate plant structure
  • Above average white mold rating
  • Good on all soil types
  • Excellent yielding E3 variety
  • Top four E3 soybean in provincial trials

VarietiesMahony R2Triquet R2XMason XFRamage XFSavage R2XHarvey
Altitude R2Orr R2XRidley XF
CHU Rating235024752600267526752700272527502750
Maturity Group00.300.
Hilum ColourBrownBlackBlackImperfect YellowBlackLight BrownBrownBrownBlack
Plant HeightMediumMedium-TallTallMediumTallMediumShortMedium-TallMedium
Plant Canopy TypeBushyIntermediateBushyIntermediateBushyIntermediateIntermediateBushyBushy
Row Width Recommendation7″ – 30″7″ – 15″7″ – 30″7″ – 30″7″ – 30″7″-30″7″ – 30″7″ – 30″7″ – 30″
Soil Type RecommendationAllAllClayAllAllAllAllAllAll
White Mould RatingAverageAbove AverageAverageAverageAverageAbove AverageAbove AverageAverageAverage

Food Grade Soybean Variety Guide