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All grain prices are subject to change at any time. Cash bids are based on 10-minute delayed futures prices, unless otherwise noted.

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Snobelen Farms Ltd. makes every effort to have current and accurate agronomic information reflected on this web page however the opinions that appear on this web site are an indication only.  Please contact a Snobelen Farms Agronomist with any specific questions.

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Plant with confidence this fall. Our B654SRW variety of winter wheat is the highest yielding variety in Area II. To order, call your local Snobelen Farms seed dealer today or contact our Seed Team.

Nice fall morning to unload some great yielding OAC Kamran food grade soybeans and then roll in some of the NEW OAC Moon SRW. Will OAC Moon be my first 200bu wheat? Leading the way in the Area 2 trials it sure looks like it has the potential. #setthebarhigh #ontag #OAC

Today officially marks the First Day of Fall. 🌽🍂 The Snobelen Farms family and staff wish all of our customers a safe harvest season with high yields!

#OntAg #Fall #Harvest23

If your thinking soybeans for next year, now is the time to look at @SnobelenGrain plot on highway 86 west of Lucknow to look at the differences in maturities and plant characteristics. Drive right in. We have @SeCan conventional and traited soybeans from 2650-2950 maturities.

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