Monday November 22, 2021

  • Wheat continues to forge new highs on the overnights and we will see if the day trade is able to sustain this rally
  • Global supply concerns continues to be the the rational for wheat reaching near 10 year highs 
  • Short week for the markets with the American Thanksgiving – Regular close on Wednesday at 2:15pm – then markets will not re open until 9:30am Friday, closing early again on Friday at 1:00pm
    • Often times short weeks can bring extra volatility as there are less trades in the mix – so watching for that on Wednesday and Friday of this week 
  • Despite a massive North American harvest wrapping up – corn and beans continue to be supported by the wheat market 
  • Australia seeing less than ideal weather as they approach their harvest with a very wet forecast ahead of them – which is helping to prolong the overall rally in the wheat market