Monday April 25, 2022

  • Lower markets overall this morning with soybeans being the wet blanket on the commodities this morning 
  • Indonesia is re-evaluating the ban they announced last week on palm oil which added premium to all veg oil markets – now saying “some shipments” would be allowed 
  • Though weather remains cool this week overall the American farmer is feeling as though they will still get planting in early may – will continue to closely monitor forecast 
  • Beijing is fighting the spread of COVID as the implement lockdowns across the city to attempt to contain the spread
    • Roughly 344 million Chinese citizens are currently under lockdown 
    • Trouble in the Chinese economy is never a good sign for the Ag markets as they are such crucial global consumers 
  • Ukraine’s Ag Minister has updated their planting progress 
    • 86% of expected spring wheat has been planted, 60% of their expected barley and 6% of corn