Wednesday May 25, 2022

  • Red across the board this morning as the global market cools off, searching out alternatives for expensive corn and wheat 
  • China ramping up Brazilian corn purchases as their harvest continues, taking attention away from the North American supplies  
  • Scattered rains in the U.S. will slow corn and bean planting harvest but will offer a needed drink to the winter wheat crops 
  • Russia putting the idea into the marketplace that they would be willing to allow grain flow out of the Ukraine if sanctions were lifted off Russia – a proposition looking slightly more appealing today facing record prices than a few months ago when the war began 
  • Today is the final insurance date to plant corn in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska and parts of Kansas and Missouri 
    • The Dakotas are are only 20% and 62% planted for North and South respectively as of Sunday due to the challenges with rains they have been facing 
    • It is important to note that though their crop insurance date is here, there will still be crop planted after the deadline.