Friday September 9, 2022

  • Up across the board for the last trading session of the week 
  • U.S. dollar slipping – making American commodities more affordable on the global market 
  • Tensions continue to rise in the Black Sea as criticism is not backing down from Russia regarding the export corridor 
  • Brazilian Conab updated their production estimates of the 2021/22 crops 
    • Soybeans up to 125.5 MMT – down from last seasons 139.4 MMT
    • Corn down to 113.3 MMT – down from last seasons 87.1 MMT
  • Markets keeping an eye on the Russian-Chinese trade deal that is coming together
    • Exports from Russia to China are already up 51% year on year
  • USDA report will be out Monday at noon to give some fresh fundamental data